Following the EU Referendum in 2016, Her Majesty’s Government under Teresa May raised the ugly spectre of The Irish Question in a form last seen nearly 100 years ago.

The Good Friday Agreement of 1998 is still in place BUT #Brexit definitely places the Good Friday Agreement in mortal danger.  The International Community is its collective Guarantor, but the possibility of an acceptable fudge (one of Britain’s favourite solutions to problems) if the Good Friday Agreement collapses will not be possible.

IF the Good Friday Agreement is actually or potentially endangered IN ANY WAY then there would have to be another Referendum on the Good Friday Agreement but this time across the whole of the British Isles!  There would have to be two questions – with a person only being allowed to vote for one or the other – and they would need to be complex but unambiguous; they would need to ask: –
1  “Do you wish to retain the Good Friday Agreement with all its accompanying guarantees and requirements?” or
2  “Do you wish to abandon the Good Friday Agreement in its entirety and permit only a Military, Non-Political & Non-Diplomatic Solution to the problem of Northern Ireland regardless of international considerations?”

If they vote for the second choice, the United Kingdom must deal with Northern Ireland as America dealt with Vietnam IN EVERY RESPECT – including enforced pacification AND carpet bombing; Representative Government must be ended and Military Government with a permanent state of Martial Law introduced!

I hope to clarify the options which are acceptable to the different parties (Guarantors, Communities etc) about The Irish Question to figure out how much of a problem it will be for the future of Great Britain, the United Kingdom, and the world!



The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists will be making their 2018 Doomsday Clock Announcement on Thursday 25th January 2018 at 10:00 E.T. (15:00 G.M.T. / U.T.C.) [05:00 Hawaii / 16:00 Berlin / 18:00 Moscow / 23:00 Beijing / (Friday 26th January 2018 – 01:00 Sydney / 03:00 New Zealand)].

I believe this announcement will be the most important since the “Clock” was created (my personal guess is that the Clock will be set to 30 seconds to Midnight, which means Imminent Danger)!

The Announcement can be viewed as a live stream here when it’s made.


I am facing an extremely serious problem!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have been raised from a very young age (about 4! [SERIOUSLY!]) with certain values which I was told are never to be questioned; these included:-

  1. That those in authority – especially The Queen, the Royal Family & Aristocracy, the Government, Civil Service & Parliament, persons in the Learned Professions, the Police etc. are to be respected, believed and obeyed WITHOUT QUESTION OR CHALLENGE!
  2. That these people are NOT capable of being corrupt, evil, perverse, seditious, treasonous or violent!

Therefore, I am forced to the conclusion that I am in a situation which I have never been prepared for and cannot adapt to.

Pelsall councillor loses out in parliamentary seat selection

Common People: news for Pelsall

Pelsall councillor Marco Longhi has lost his bid to be the Conservative parliamentary candidate for the Aldridge-Brownhills constituency.

Coun Marco Longhi Coun Marco Longhi

At a selection meeting last night, the Conservative association chose Conservative Party vice-chairman Wendy Morton to fight Sir Richard Shepherd’s seat.

Four candidates were shortlisted.

Morton, who has built up an electronics and manufacturing business with her husband, describes herself as “typically Yorkshire”:

“I am a bit like where I am from. Yorkshire people work hard and talk straight – and I understand I am no exception,” she says on her website.

“I am sure I inherited my work ethic and common-sense approach from my parents who are typical Yorkshire people. I was brought up in a small community and have lived the word community all my life. I believe in the power and potential of community life and know that when communities work together, they can…

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DWP: Confidential Mail

This is VERY useful information!!

Same Difference

Readers, I don’t know how many of you remember this story from 2012 about the Royal Mail opening DWP letters.

However, reader Rob McDowall has just shared something very useful on Facebook:


If you are sending letters, claim forms, evidence and reports to the DWP for disability and employment and support allowance benefits; the DWP have a contract which allows Royal Mail to open and sort letters on their behalf.

If you do not wish the Royal Mail to open your DWP confidential letters, write PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL or PRIVATE ADDRESSEE ONLY on the outside of envelope.

The Royal Mail will not open any such labelled mail and will instead forward it on to the relevant DWP office for opening.

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Keith Joseph and the Tories Eugenicist Hatred of the Working Class

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Keith Joseph Pic

Keith Joseph: Maggie’s mentor, and the man who thought there were too many poor people with retarded children. And they were breeding.

Yesterday I put up a piece about how the Tories really did have a visceral hatred of the working class, a hatred and desire to preserve the privileges and position of the ruling elite that confirmed Marx’s view that the state was the instrument of class oppression. One of the most venomous expressions of this hatred came from Keith Joseph. Joseph was Thatcher’s mentor in the Tory party, and an enthusiastic supporter of Milton Friedman’s monetarism and the Chilean dictator General Pinochet. Although he guided Thatcher and served in her cabinet, he never actually became prime minister himself because of a speech he made about the poor in 1974.

Joseph’s view was that there were too many of them, who were too poorly educated, breeding too young. Too…

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Dodgy Aristocratic Land Titles and the Origins of Communism

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David Cameron: The pukka Eton-educated leader of a government of Toffs.

As has already been remarked very frequently, this is a government dominated by aristos, whose policies very much favour the upper classes. David Cameron is a cousin of the Queen, who went to Eton and then Oxford University. When he was 11, he jetted across the Atlantic to go to the birthday party of the son of the American billionaire, John Paul Getty. Nick Clegg is also a true, blue-blooded aristo, while George Osborne is the son of an Anglo-Irish baronet. Under them working conditions have become much worse, the mass of the population much poorer, while the wealthy have become massively richer. I’ve already pointed out that the present government is doing its level best to prove Karl Marx right about the state being an instrument of oppression by the ruling class. It also reminded me of the…

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DWP Breaks its Own Rules when threatening Support Group Members


Further to my post earlier this week, today another example of the most seriously ill disabled people being told they must attend work focussed interviews or else be sanctioned; never mind this is in direct conflict with the DWP’s own guidance which states :

Support Group

If you have a condition that severely limits what you can do, you’ll be in the support group. You’ll not be expected to look for work and we won’t expect you to take place in any work-focussed interviews”.

How the DWP are going to Spin this is yet yo been seen; what I do know is this is yet another time this unelected Government has deliberately broke it’s own rules and then Lied about it!

This ongoing Discriniation against Disabled People is  Totally Unacceptable & I can only hope people say ENOUGH

It is Time to Join the Truth Campaign and Sign the Petition  to…

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