Normally, I post about disability but this time I’m posting about another of my great loves – INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS!

At this point, I must “set out my stall” politically – by nature & inclination, I am a conservative; I would have joined the Conservative Party if it hadn’t been for their attitudes towards disabled people and the integration of society.

I would like Britain to stay in the EU – although I do believe we need to at least adjust some of our institutional relationships.  On Foreign Affairs, I’ve always been an Interventional Isolationist; an Interventional Isolationist believes in his/her country intervening in other countries affairs but also believes in his/her country not having others involved in how they conduct their domestic or foreign affairs.  My family even openly discussed Britain using “Gunboat Diplomacy”  (!

Now to explain my views on what Britain should do IF we make the MISTAKE of leaving the EU:-

  1. We should exercise our UN veto liberally to limit the advancement of the other Security Council members
  2. We should remain in NATO, but like France we should take back control of our nuclear weapons
  3. Our economic policy should be based on protectionism not free trade
  4. We should go back onto the Gold Standard (

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