Can’t read or don’t care? Javid, Goodwill: parrot-like on DWP stats lies

Did you know its technically illegal to campaign to unseat an MP? Why? They can do it in USA!


More responses have come in from Tory MPs to the letter I asked readers to send to their coalition MPs about their government’s blatant lies on disability benefit claimants, NHS spending and the effects of their benefits cap – for which the government was unequivocally rebuked by the UK Statistics Authority.

These two responses (actually three, but two of them are by the same MP to different constituents) come from two senior Treasury figures – Whip Robert Goodwill and Economic Secretary Sajid Javid (who doesn’t have a good record on truth-telling in Parliament himself).

The response from both of these MPs – near-identical responses – show either a complete inability to read, or a deeply worrying and revealing arrogance toward their constituents and the country in general.

Note this specific passage from the email that was sent to them:

Please be aware that the contents of your reply will…

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