Does Boles Want to Relax Controls in National Parks – But this requires a change in the Law

This is designed to destroy the history & heritage of our great nation.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


Nick Boles indicated that he was considering relaxing strict protections for the country’s most beautiful countryside to help developers.

The comments appear to suggest the Coalition wants to allow more development in national parks. Similar plans were quietly shelved last year.

Answering a debate in Parliament on planning rules and the use of housing subsidies in national parks, Mr Boles said he wanted to encourage development there to stop communities becoming “embalmed”.

He said he was worried about “the danger of making rural communities into museum pieces where they are not so much protected as embalmed.

“I think this applies certainly to many communities within national parks. These communities will only retain their appeal and retain life if they are allowed to change and to develop.

“If people are able to get jobs and to set up businesses, that is a necessary underpinning of a national park not just…

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