Jobcentre demands ‘pure science fiction’, claims Ross-shire councillor

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Reposted from Rosshire Journal

AN “INHUMANE” welfare system is forcing claimants to make absurd promises to Job Centre advisors just to qualify for their unemployment benefits, councillors said yesterday.

One claimant agreed to apply for 14 jobs a week to avoid having his payments sanctioned while others have signed pacts forcing them to turn up at the Jobcentre every day to scan the jobs database.

Cllr Ian Cockburn: 'Pure science fiction'
Cllr Ian Cockburn: ‘Pure science fiction’

Alasdair Christie, Inverness, Badenoch and Strathspey Citizens Advice Bureau manager, said people were being forced to sign up to unrealistic targets out of fear.

“Somebody promised they would apply for 14 jobs per week but if you look in the Courier or the P&J there probably aren’t even 14 jobs a week. These people will, out of desperation, sign up to any condition in order to get their benefits.”

The comments were made after a new report to Highland…

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