DCLG Press Release on Brownfield Land

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

DCLG  Lets be clear only the principal of the use will be pre-approved not the reserved matters, unless the LDO to use international urban planning terminology has a masterplan with platting, subdivisions, bulk zoning, build to lines and a development control regulations plan to determine the form and layout of the housing and other uses.  Now we know from international experience that once these are in place they new development can proceed very quickly if the landowners release it, such as where land ownership is not concentrated.  But preparing the regs takes more up front effort, so is not necessarily quicker.  Though it certainly is less of a burden than dealing with container crate large planning applications, and possibly quicker, if London and other large authorities can turn on a dime and switch from a development management focus to a development times to greenflield sites being master plan led as well.  Indeed…

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